Wonderful and Weird Word of the Day Hall Of Fame and Consequent Discussion Page

Since it appears that everyone is so illiterate, I have decided to have a " word of the day" to try and expand everyones' ( including my own) vocabulary. Any suggestions please mail them to me.(DJ - Ed) No abusive comments please. Good words, such as ones that sound nice, like phlegm, will also be considered for a place in the hall of fame.

To get the page off to a start, there is more than one word today.


Today's word is


(verb): to raise ( a question ) for discussion. e.g. he mooted the idea, expecting everyone to ignore it.

(noun): something debated or undecided e.g. a moot point


Moot can actually be used a the name of a discussion, as in to attend a Moot (which I have hence the reason I know).JB


True, but it is an old usage - hence not likely to come up in conversation in the pub talking to your uneducated "Sarf" Londoner or indeed your typical Northerner. DJ


Moot is still used by several groups of people. For example, In Downton (a place probably unheard of by most) they hold an anual moot. This no longer involves meetings or discussions but is in fact more like a fair/craft fair/gathering/party which takes over the whole main street for a weekend and is a good laugh. JB


In Keswick there is a Moot Hall.... a coincidence ? DJ ----------

Downton is on the edge of the New Forest, so in geographic terms, no. But in age yes, probably similar. JB

(29-1-1997) Today's word is also INSIPID:

( adj): tasteless, lacking in flavour. e.g. Mike's curries are most certainly not insipid. He is totally insipid, (i.e. no character)

(29-1-1997) and INSOUCIANT :

( adj): carefree, unconcerned

(29-1-1997) and PERIPATETIC:

( adj) : going from place to place


Todays word is :

Used when correcting work, means that any previous correction is wrong, and you should ignore it.

From Latin meaning as it stands


Today's word is :

to be toady, excessively flattering,
also seems to imply a certain disgust at the person

Mik suggests any American is sycophantic, and then he suggested any German is, then any foreigner, then anyone from Wales. Xenophobia methinks.

from the Greek, meaning a fig (!) - probably from the fig sign used in making an accusation, and likely to have developed from "accuser" to "informer, flatterer"

What the hell is a fig sign ? What a bloody useless derivation. Last time I use the Collins dictionary.

(3-2-1997) Today's word is:


meaning....a modern philosophical movement stressing the importance of personal experience and responsibility and the demands that they make on the individual, who is seen as a free agent in a deterministic and seemingly meaningless universe.

Uh? What ? A complete load of incomprehesible bollocks, if you ask me. If anyone can explain the above, in words less than three syllables, please mail me.

Here is my 2 syllable reply

To an EXISTENTIAList everything is very /deep/ and meaningful. They have to /care/ about it all. They also have to grow long hair, smoke dubious substances and go back-packing to the Himalayas...


Today's word is suggested by Mr Mr Barnby aka All Bran ....


meaning having no leaves

Other suggestions for today included:
- auseless, from the latin, meaning " having no use "
- or apointless, from the Celtic, meaning quite literally, " having no use"

or indeed
- awhenwillIeverusethiswordinconversation-ous
which means in the strictist useage " having no use "

So there.


He is called All Bran cos he's high in moral fibre.
His first and middle names are Mike and Rob, hence initials are MR hence Mr MR Barnby.


Today's word was created by Owain's brother, Alex, in a sudden but unexplained attack of boredom which resulted in the collapse of several trans-dimensional wormholes, and the creation of a whole new breed of hamster that eats sprouts - saving the people of the Earth from a fate worse than death. Lucky escape for us, eh?

abacha (a-bach-a) (as in loch)
digj (diji)
fa (fah
kilm (kilamon) (as in kill a mon)
nopqus (op-ocus)
orative (orative)
ow (oooooo) (as in loo)
uxz (uh cuz zuz)

Meaning: absolutely nothing at all. It's just that it uses all the letters in the alphabet and sounds fine indeedy.


hamsters already eat sprouts

M Barnby

Today's Word is


The derivation is as follows.

Imagine you're living in Greece in 1000BC. You decide to have a bust made of your pretty wife to comemorate her birthday. It takes the designer 6 months to create it, but unbeknownst to you on the last day his chisel slips and he cuts off one of her, say, breasts. So he recreates the missing article with some wax , paints over it, accepts his payment and scarpers. You give your wife her present and she is delighted, only to be mortified some days later when one of her breasts starts to melt.

Hence SINCERE comes from "sin", meaning without, and "cere", meaning wax. Therefore " without wax" or what I give you is the truth.


that's curious, I wondered why Jenny was looking a little bizarre today... bloody sculptors.

Alex Masidlover