Back in 2007 I bought a bluetooth GPS receiver to use with my PDA. I had thought of getting a GPS receiver for a while but not really been able to justify it. What would I use it for? In-car navigation looked fun, but sadly I don't own a car. Then I happened to come across the sport of Geocaching, and thought that a GPSr might be a worthy toy after all. I've never looked back!

Geocaching is a sport/game where you hunt for caches hidden by other players, using GPS coordinates posted on the internet. When you find a cache you write an entry in its log book, and report your find on the web. You can also swap some of the "treasures" hidden inside. There are many variations on the theme, including puzzle caches where you have to solve clues to work out the co-ordinates, virtual or webcam caches, and trackable "travel bugs" and coins to follow around or send on missions. I find that the best part of Geocaching is that it gives you an incentive to get out and about and visit places you've not been to before. Most of the caches are hidden in places that are interesting for some reason or other, whether out in the countryside or deep in the urban jungle. Geocaches I've hidden.

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