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Images is in a small dingy little warehouse near to a kebab shop which sells dodgy chips and curry sauce. They have big bouncers and the doors are made from solid steel. The music is alright I suppose, but a bit poppy. They've played 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport' every time I've been there. There are three floors, all of which play the same music. The pull-o-meter is an average to low on both standard and frequency, although student nights are cheep enough to drown out any possibility in anycase but 5 pint specs are enough to help anybody pull at these prices.

Basically a bit of a naff club. Entry 4, pints 2, specials on occasion, about 1.50. Student night is thursday, free entry, 1 a pint.


Tramps is a big stone building nearish to Images. When I say big, I mean BIG. This place has inumerable alcoves where you can find people 'getting to know' each other. It has 3 dance floors, one of which is suspended above the main dance floor. They play dance and other cool stuff including prodigy etc. The third dance floor is hidden to the top right and plays 60s-90s stuff. They do requests etc. Actually there are some nice comfy sofas and easy chairs up there so you can just slump out between frantic dancing sessions.

Entry 5, no obvious specials. Student night is thursday, (just house allnight) entry 1.50, (1 B4 10)1 a pint.

Zig Zags

Are you desperate or wot? If you like the sound your pc speaker makes, then this is the club for you. Filled with people with white trainers drinking from a selection of 3 bottled largers at 2.50 each. Mind you, it's got a nice l.a.s.e.r. show, and lots of sparkly balls. The tops of the tables aren't bolted on to the legs which made the eavening a little more fun, especially towards the hazy end of the night. We were body (cavity) searched on the way in, but no ID checks.

Ummm, can't remember entry, probabley 5, drinks (from a choice of 3 at a bar the size of a two penny piece) 2-2.50. Chances of pulling : 0. Unless she's blind and deaf.

Reviews by Owain Cole

Zigs Zags Friday Night:

4 quid NUS

Basically, they play in room 1 Happy Hardcore, 4-beat etc, DJ's Dougle, Slipmatt, Vibes Ramos etc play on rotation, quite good local DJ's, if this is your thing. Room 2 is D&B, jungle etc. Best DJ I think they have had is DJ Dazee (who? exactly). When we went, this room was deserted. Yeh, it's pretty crap, but I guess it has potential, if Worcester had a hardcore of more than 20 people.

World Dance 1 - Zig Zags 0.


In the downstairs of Zig Zags.

FRIDAZE: Metal, Punk, Heavy Rock, a touch of Prodigy and the Chems, Beasty Boys and so on. Well, I think it was one quid fifty to get in, and Lager was a pound a pint. The Dee Jay apparantly is the local Kung Foo club champion and is a bit of a madman. He just kept shouting stuff like "come on you f****ers, you can give it some more, come on!" He also has the most, erm, interesting - hair cut I have ever seen (don't say this to his face). Head banging, moshing, beer-spilling, and drinking in large quantities are the order of the day.

SATURDAY NIGHTS is an indie, pop, prodigy retro kind of they-play-allsorts-of-good-music kind of night, and sometimes it is in conjuction with a house night upstairs, which is apparantly quite good (they once had Jezza Healey playing there, alledgley). I keep meaning to go, so when I get a-round-tuit, i'll tell U some more.

If you like metaller piss ups, this one's for you.

In conclusion

If you want a middle of the road kind of night out clubbing, go to TRAMPS or IMAGES. We prefer Tramps for thursday nights, well worth the extra money.

Reviews by Charlie

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