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The AlterNet? What? Anyone at the SETC in Malvern will of course remember this - the underground alternative to the company Intranet. This site was built from one of the last surviving archives, and now links all known SETC-centric information on the web. It is based on, with James Inge, but links to other SETC archives and related pages across the UK.

The Alternet is supposed to be merely another waste of time, splashing useless information onto your screens about what people used to be like years ago and where the best place to eat in Malvern is? Hopefully it can still live up to this well earnt reputation, even if it is becoming a little more useful nowadays. If you wish to add things to the AlterNet, then please look at the questions page, and email james[at]inge[dot]org[dot]uk. Contributions are welcome from any of the ex-SETCers, or anyone else I know. If I don't know you I might be pursuaded, so suck it and see.

"Hah! Suckers!" Owain Cole

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Funnies and general joviality.
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(Semi) Useful information: recipies, lists, etc.

Reports on what just happened
(Including summer placements).

Entertainment and all things nice.

Read this if you want to add to or alter the AlterNet.
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Ok, I think that's about it. Have fun!!! And don't wreck the joint. Oh and thanks to Sobery, for all the original graphics.