The AlterNet questions page

"Ok, so how's it all going to work" I hear you say.

Well, It's going to work like this:

Or at least I would be able to tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. Read the following for a vague insight. The rest is up to me/you/the man with the axe.

How to add something to the AlterNet

First what you must do is write whatever it is, preferably in NotePad or in Write. Then save the file making sure it saves as text, not UNICODE or sommat strange like that. Then email it to me, with some sort of description in the Subject line. If you're writing an HTML page then you probably know what you're doing, but if you want to learn HTML click here.

File formats:

Make it readable by ALL computers. Ie try to use notepad or write and low colour JPEGS and Gifs if you must use graphics. I'll edit any particularly large pictures I get sent.

The best rule to use for naming files is up to eight characters in the name, then the .htm or .txt extension. If you have the choice, use all lower case, since this works best across the board. Certainly in HTML files, use all lower case filenames (they are case sensitive on my UNIX server). Oh, and remember to use "/" as a path separator, not "\".

Adding new web pages to the AlterNet:

Ok, I know you budding page writers out there want to have a crack at it. BUT I (da management) will only add pages if it looks like you're actually going to keep them well kept. Any page which is added which is crap/not kept up/sad will be removed from the system. If you want to alter an existing page, then just mail me (james[at]inge[dot]org[dot]uk) and I'll change it for you. If you want to add something, and it's small or you don't have your own website going I could put them on here, otherwise I'll stick in a link to your own website. This save my disk space, and lets you edit your work easier.


My server may have a text scanner on it, and I really wouldn't mind the AlterNet not being shut down because of bad language used in jokes or other files. Please don't use bad language. If you have to then * it out or something. Use a level of language you see fit. Just remember, it's my arse on the line and I don't want a cock up.

Acually, it already has been closed down (twice). Don't let this bother you. Just type in a prim and proper manner....

And finally:

Don't f**k up the AlterNet. It's not much, but it's all you've got. (Well that and enough money to buy at least 3 slabs of fosters and a bottle of red each week if it weren't for tax and housing costs.)
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