I am James Inge, a Chartered Engineer living in Bristol, in the south-west of England. I currently work in the public sector, providing engineering assurance for a team that supports and procures logistic vehicles. This is a return to the project delivery after spending a number of years in the area of systems safety management policy, during which time I gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Safety Critical Systems Engineering from the University of York. You can read more about my safety-related work at

I read for my first degree at Trevelyan College in the University of Durham. While there I was variously Chairman of the IT Management committee, Sponsorship Officer, Webmaster and Technical Director for HEX (the Trevs Magazine) and Communications Manager on the Durham SIS exec (Student Industrial Society, later Bright Futures). I did odd bits of website design for various clubs and societies and published the college yearbook in my second year. I also shot on the university rifle team and practiced Shotokan karate with the uni and college clubs.

Being an Engineer, I took a year out before university and worked at the Student Engineer Training Centre in Malvern. If you were one of the SETC gang, or just interested to see what we got up to, have a look at the SETC Alternet. This led on to work in the university summer vacations in locations as diverse as Cardiff, Bristol and Farnborough and Stockton.

Despite all the above, I managed to graduate from the Master of Engineering course in June 2001, receiving First Class Honours. The course started with two years of general engineering after which I specialised in Electronics and Electronic Systems for a further two years. I studied French as a subsidiary module in first year, and for another 18 months of additional lessons. My training continued with a four month placement in Munich, where I was involved as a technical specialist on an international avionics procurement project, then London looking at future requirements planning.

My work has given me a broad background, but has often had a bias towards electronics or information technology. You can email me for a CV if you like: (james[at]inge[dot]org[dot]uk).

In my spare time, I may be out cycling, walking or geocaching. I am an active Member of the IET, and sit on the local committee. I haven't practised much karate since university, but have taken up running at up to half-marathon distance. I like reading and travelling, both near and far, and enjoy trying to pick up languages when I go away. Intermittently, I try to learn to unicycle.

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